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Bekky Berg

Bekky Berg (formely Rebekka Anna - Maria Königsberg), born 29.07.1995 in Düsseldorf grew up in both North - Rhine - Westphalia and Bavaria. 

She started writing short novels at a very young age followed by 350 Poems until she became 15. She spent her teens in libraries instead of meeting friends. At the age of 11 she was familiar with authors like J.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. The latter became her favourite author.

Being in love with Oscar Wildes theatre plays, Berg made an Internship at the theatre Regensburg in 2018.

In school she was part of the school newspaper. The article "Rise like a phoenix", was later adopted by the local Newspaper "Mittelbayrische"  and Berg was honored by the Sorooptimists Regensburg for human rights in 2014. 

Berg took Latin classes and although she was very interested in science, her favourite subject was history. No wonder that she fell in love with the baroque and let it influence on her first book series: Nightingale. 

"Nightingale - Baggers" (the first part) will be published at the end of February 2021. 

The first draft of the manuscript ready in 2017, she already worked ten years on the characters and story outlines. “I needed the time to work out all characters and outlines for all four books, before publishing the first one” 

The books will be followed by comics: "The Nightingale chronicles", which are already in the works. Expected publication date: 2024.

During the ten years and after, she also made herself a name as a first Assistant to producer for feature films like END - 80 (2019) for the second Channel in Germany and as a screenwriter. Berg worked as a Junior producer in an advertising Agency close to Frankfurt and supported many student projects in all over Germany.

Her very first own movie “The Loop / Das Möbiusband”, which she has written, produced and directed, was published in 2018 and screened at 7 Festivals in Europe and nominated two times for best short Film: In Austria and Hungary. 

Her next project “Supporter” will be published in 2022. 

Following her long time hobby in designing, she published two complete outfits (dresses with Accessories) made by herself before studying fashion design for one year. “I quit studying, because I had no time for writing. I need to write, otherwise I explode. But I can imagine releasing more of my designs in the future."

Bekky Berg loves everything sarcastic, macabre and dark. 

She is currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal and is part of the non - profit Organisation: "Filmakers Lisbon", with Filmakers from all over the world.

Honours & Awards

 2014 "Rise like a phoenix" honored by the Sorooptimists Regensburg for human rights.

2019 "The Loop / Das Möbiusband" nominated for best short film at "2. WSF - Evening" in Vienna, Austria presented by Erwin Leder 

2019 "The Loop / Das Möbiusband" nominated for best short film at "YoMoMa" - Short film festival in Budapest, Hungary organised by Erwin Giese